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Monday, 18 July 2016

Item Of The Day (18th Of July) - Beta Hat T-Shirt

Hi There Penguins! The next Item Of The Day has arrived, and today it is the Beta Hat T-Shirt!

The Beta Hat T-Shirt is based off of the Rarest Item in Club Penguin, the Beta Hat. It was available in the Treasure Book from Series 6 through to Series 14. Although it could not just be unlocked normally like any other item in the Treasure Book. It was always on a page known as the 'The Super Exclusives'. You would need to use 5 Club Penguin Codes (Obtained by buying Club Penguin Toys) and then the Super Exclusives page would unlock!

This item is considered Rare as the Treasure Books that contained this item are no longer available, and because many Penguins would not have unlocked it because it required 5 codes to be obtained. Come back here tomorrow for the next Item Of The Day and the Latest Club Penguin News!

Waddle On!

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