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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Item Of The Day (23rd Of July) - Cowboy Vest

Hi Everyone! Todays Item Of The Day is a very, very old item! It is the Cowboy Vest.

The Cowboy Vest is one of the oldest Club Penguin items, and has only been available for purchase In-Game once! It was seen in the Penguin Style Catalog all the way back in 2006, lasting from July until November, and it has not made an appearance in the Catalog since! However, it has been unlockable as it was featured in the 3rd Edition of the Treasure Book, but that Edition can no longer be accessed, making this one of the rarest Club Penguin Items to date!

                     (Sorry for bad picture quality, the image and the item are over 10 years old)

This item looks so awesome, but unfortunately I do not see this item making a return, and it shouldn't. This item should stay Rare, just like many other Items in Club Penguin. Anyways thats all for today, swing by here tomorrow for the next item Of The Day and the Latest Club Penguin News!

Waddle On!

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