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Monday, 25 July 2016

Item Of The Day (25th Of July) - Ancient Robes

Hey Penguins! The next Item Of The Day comes all the way from Dinosaur Island, it is the Ancient Robes.

The Ancient Robes were available from February 4th to March 7th 2012, during 'Rockhoppers Quest'. They could only be bought by Members for 350 coins, in the Dinosaur Catalog, which was located on Dinosaur Island. This island was one of the locations you needed to go to in order to finish Rockhoppers Quest. In the Dinosaur Catalog, you could buy 3 items, the Rising Sun Crown, the Dinosaurus Rex, and the Ancient Robes.

This Item is now considered Rare by many Penguins as it has not returned since its first release during Rockhoppers Quest in 2012. Check back here tomorrow for the Latest Club Penguin News and the next Item Of The day!

Waddle On!

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