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Sunday, 10 July 2016

New Item Available in the Finding Dory Quest! (Day 4)

Hey Penguins! We are now able to collect the Latest Item in the Finding Dory Quest! Once you first log into Club Penguin today, you will see this pop up:

After you have clicked on 'Find them' you will be transported to The Cove! You should notice that scattered around The Cove are three images of 'Squishy Sand'. You will need to click on these three images to obtain the New Item.

Once you have done this, the following message should appear:

The New Item is known as 'The Reef Background' and is based off of the New Room that was introduced with the Finding Dory Party! Thats all for now, check back here tomorrow for the next step in the Finding Dory Quest!

Waddle On!

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