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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Item Of The Day (14th of July) - Tie Dye Shirt

Hey everyone! Considering that the Finding Dory Quest is over now and without it I don't have a lot of content to post, I have decided to introduce a new concept called Item Of The Day! Everyday on this blog, I will write a post about my most favourite Club Penguin Items from over the years, ranging from 2005 to the Present Day! I hope to introduce new Club Penguin players to the old items of Club Penguin, items that they may not have seen or heard of before.

So the first Item Of The Day is going to be my all time favourite Club Penguin Item, the Tie Dye Shirt!

The Tie Dye Shirt was only obtainable through the Treasure Book Series 3. Meaning it could only be unlocked using a Series 3 Toy, it could not be bought In-Game through the Penguin Style.

The reason I love this item so much is because of its very unique look! This item is now considered very rare as the Series 3 Treasure Book can no longer be accessed! Check back here tomorrow for the Latest Club Penguin News, and a new Item Of The Day!

Waddle On!

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