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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Finding Dory Quest Has Ended! (Day 7)

Hey everyone! After one week of the Finding Dory Party, The Quest has come to an end! Once you log into Club Penguin today, you will see this message:

You will then need to head to The Reef, which is the New Room that was added in for the Finding Dory Party, and is accessible from The Beach! Once you have entered into The Reef, you will need to click on the three images of the 'Currents'

Once you have clicked on all of the 'Currents' you will see the following message appear:

This New Item is called 'Crush Costume' and can unfortunately only be obtained by Members. But that is not all, after you have moved on from/obtained the Crush Costume, you will see the following message show up:

This Background is called 'Finding Dory Background' and is a reward for completing all of the Finding Dory Quest tasks! And it is available to Members and non-Members!

Always be sure to check back here everyday for the latest Club Penguin News!

Waddle On!

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